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Subway surfers tips and tricks - a how to play guide

Who can play Subway surfers?

Do you like running? Not much people do and I am sure even you don’t; me neither, but Subway Surfers offers you a chance to run on your Android, iOS or Windows phone. And I can tell you that this is pretty good and fun run. As you’ve probably guessed it, Subway Surfers is an endless runner game in which your goal is to run the longest distance, plus to have the highest score. This game was developed back in 2012 and it’s still popular nowadays, which just tells about how the game is good. In my opinion, 2012 has been a great year for gaming, since many titles are still popular even now. On top of the original game, there are dozens of mods. These mods are called “editions” here and some of them are Halloween Edition, Christmas Edition plus World Tour editions with cities like Moscow, Bejing, Tokyo, Vancouver, Paris and many more.

Subway Surfers guide

Some tips and tricks for this game

Game is also optimized very nicely, thanks to the developers from Denmark, Kiloo and SYBO Games. Now, let’s talk about the core gameplay and some tips & tricks. Core gameplay here is very simple, yet it can give you a great challenge for your reflexes and even patience. Main goal here is to move your character in the desired direction in order to bypass obastacles like trains and barricades. Movement is done when you swipe in the desired direction. Swipe left or right to move in the corresponding direction, or swipe up for jump and down for roll. All these controls must be mastered, because the longer you run- the faster your character goes. Having that in mind, you want to use some power ups to make it easier, right? Well, luckily this game offers many power ups, that are useful in many situations. For example, Jet Pack is some of them and it’s my favorite power up out there. When you pick up this power up, your character levitates above the trainyard for some time, plus you have coins available up there. Also, chances of collision are equal to zero. How often will you pick up Jet Pack is unknown as these power ups are scattered randomly. Another great power up is Coin Magnet. As the name says, this allows you to pick up coins without need to pay attention to the distance of the coins. Simple, if coin is on the left side of the screen and you’re on the right, it will be picked up; great power up for those who are more focused on picking up coins and if you are one of them- you are doing great, because coins can get you to higher score much faster. Moreover, on our website, there is a subway surfers cheat tool available to generate coins and keys easily. Check that out later!

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How to get coins and keys?

When speaking about coins, there is another coin power up and it’s called Coin Multiplier. Every coin you pick up can be multiplied by double, quadruple or more. This, of course, depends on how much did you upgrade your power up. Default is 2X, but if you collect enough coins, you can upgrade it to even 16X. And this is the answer to the question about importance of coin pick up. At the beginning of each run, you are given an option to choose if you want to use head start and it last a few seconds. Headstart can also be upgraded, and it’s mostly about distance. If you choose to use headstart, your character will be fast forwarded to the distance you are available to use. If you have headstart of 1000m, then your character will be fast forwarded there and you begin to play. If you aim to run long distances, this is a great trick for you. Super Sneakers are also pretty useful power ups. While using Super Sneakers, you can jump longer and higher, making it a great power up for evading those tight spots or when you need to have quick reflexes. With this power up, you don’t even need to jump sometimes, as your character jumps while running. Last, but not the least is Hoverboard. In my opinion, this one is heavily underrated, but it’s useful because it allows you to hit obstacle and continue running. Important to tell is that you can do this without Hoverboard, but then your character will greatly slow down allowing for pursuers (Policeman and his dog) to get closer to you. This can be done by just partially hitting the obstacle, which will result in character tripping over and continuing to run. With Hoverboard, there is no slowdown when hitting an obstacle even with the whole body.

Find daily and weekly rewards in Subway Surfers

As I said, every power up can be upgraded and it’s usually the duration of these power ups. The higher the upgrade, the longer stretch of time it lasts. Basically, this means that every coin you pick up has its meaning and you will surely need it later. This adds to the feeling to the game and you know that you aren’t playing it just for high score, which seems to be kind of boring. Still, pay special attention to coin pick ups. My advice is to sometimes risk and go for the coins that are little harder to get to and you’ll sure have higher score. You need to have in mind that coins can, and will bring you more score than just running. Also, be sure to play every day and week, because there are many daily and weekly rewards. Sometimes, you can be rewarded with special character, for example. These special character don’t do anything to your performance and they are just there for esthetic reasons, if you want to switch out Jake - the default character in the game. And finally, be sure to carefully read our Subway Surfers tips and tricks guide, because here you can find all the necessary information about the game and how to play it. This is not an easy game, but if you are consistent enough, you can master it in few days or mostly weeks. I’m sure that this game will be interesting for you long time, as new editions are still out every month with a new city every time and new chances to be the best you can be.

Subway Surfers tips