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History of Subway Surfers Cheat Tool

What is it going to be about?

This post is going to be brilliant! My team and I are going to uncover you all the details and the whole way our online generator for Subway Surfers resources had to pass through to become one of the most popular cheat tool on the planet! So let’s begin!

Before January 2013

After the game was released, my team and I immediately fell in love to this amazing piece of game! We were playing the game all nights and days long, without any pause. To tell the truth, it became my favourite game very quickly. There were days when I needed to have my mobile connected to charger whole day, as the battery ran out of energy quite quickly haha. However, after a few months of playing, I found out the resources in the game are limiting the gaming potential of Subway Surfers. My friends who just graduated from university (with degree in IT) totally agreed with me! Then a simple idea came out from our minds!

January 2013 - beta version released!

As you already can guess, our idea was to create a perfect hack tool or let’s say cheats, for subway surfers! We made a quick research on the web, and didn’t find a single working tool which could help to generate our coins and keys. To tell the truth, this was our first attempt to create some cheats in general! We had no knowledge, no experience, but we were determined to build the best cheat tool ever! At that time, we didn’t know how long the way is going to be! All we had was a clear target – create a perfect cheat for this game which could help all the people struggling when playing! So our first version was made. Actually this was kind of beta version, so it wasn’t released to public. We were able to generate a few hundred coins and keys but after 1 day, our account were banned by the Kiloo system. This was a terrific moment for each of us, but as you know, we didn’t give up!

August 2013 - first version released to public!

We knew, to create a successful tool for resources, we had to work harder and smarter! We were improving our tool from January till April, and the first results finally came up! We created our website and were selling the cheat tool for a cheap price to public. By adding the anti-ban script, we stopped the subway surfers system from banning the accounts using this tool. The only problem was, the generator was not perfect! Each time a user wanted to generate coins and keys the second time, nothing really happened! We knew, the generator is working but have some serious bugs we have to work on.

March 2014 - free of charge

We fixed up all the necessary bugs and we decided to give our Subway Surfers Cheats totally for free (which remains till today). Many people were asking us for it, as they couldn’t afford to pay these amounts. Even though we were making nice bucks from the sales, our main target was not to make money from this online generator. As said in the beginning, satisfaction of people having the same hobby as we have, was the priority number one!
Subway Surfers history

July 2015 - online platform of cheat tool!

Till this date, the hack tool was working only as a desktop software, which users needed to download in order to get the wanted resources! In our opinion, this update is one of the biggest one ever made on this tool – we made the generator totally online – accessible from your browser which makes possible to inject the resources straight in a matter of minutes, without download anything!

May 2016 - added new features!

We added new features to the online cheats. We added the feature to unlock all characters and boards for free! As most of the experienced users know, this is all possible when you have enough coins and keys but to make the tool even more perfect, we decided to add these amazing functions. Moreover, for less experienced users, I can imagine this feature is highly appreciated which prove many emails got from the users!

So as you see, cheats for Subway Surfers on our site were not easy to create. Today, you can generate coins and keys online, without downloading anything, get coins, keys, unlock all characters and boards, and whats the best on it – all without any charge! We guarantee your account won’t be banned (tested and tried by thousands of players where not even one account was banned) so you are totally safe. All we would like to ask you for this hard work we made for you all is if you like the website, please, share it with your friends or family and help them enjoy this amazing game!