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About us and Subway Surfers Cheats

Who are we?
We are taking care of emergency situations is our field of concentration. I am sorry, I did not introduce us to you. We are Matthew, Ryan, and Jayden. We have found this company with the idea of helping people who are in need of a locksmith quickly after a burglary. Post burglary situations needed to be taken care with attention. Since we have to work using 24 hour clock time, for us it is inevitable to find an entertainment to vitalize our times, and we became Smartphone game professionals. We are professionals, and security is our prime consideration while we work or play Smartphone games. Unlocking each game level with attention and care is really a thrilling experience. Moreover, we have passion in creating various cheats for mobile games, one if which are Subway Surfers Cheats. It is all about developing a strategy and apply it straight, and with care. I (Matthew) think we have come across all types of games that are available for Smartphones. In other words, there had always been a healthy competition between us to win more points and coins. This competition helped us to find new ways to cheat a couple of games and come up with quick strategies to reach the top of the game and enjoy to its fullest potential. We don´t mind sharing some of our experience with you guys. We are releasing new cheats on a regular basis, I hope you will like our online tools and we will appreciate each email we get from your part! Enjoy the cheats and let's play!.