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We are a team of developers that have decided to create a working online Subway Surfers Cheats...We succeeded!


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Subway Surfers Cheats 2016

Hello all fans of Subway Surfers! If you love playing this game, I have a good news for you - My team and I prepared a special Subway Surfers Cheats ONLINE! Subway Surfers is one of the most played games on Android and iOS and most downloaded application at all. It is an arcade game from Kiloo, where the main character Jake is running before police. Your main object is to collect coins, various bonuses and mystery boxes which give you keys. In case you collide with a train, inspector can catch you which means the game is over. Unfortunately, getting enough resources can be frustrating and if you don't want to spend money on it, you have to look for other alternatives! And we are bringing you one NOW! Our Cheats can generate you thousands of coins and keys in less than 1 minute, all for free! This will make your game more entertaining and funny so keep reading...

Here’s some more info about the tool:


subway surfers generator

To create working cheats for Subway Surfers was not easy at all. We worked on this project for half a year, to finally release a working cheat tool. With this online tool, you can basically get thousands of coins and keys in a few minutes. However, if you wish only to unblock all characters or boards, our online cheat tool offers you such a possibility, too. You can do this simply by using our genetaror page. Moreover, the cheats work on all mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile). This is a totally safe subway surfers cheat and is very unique, as there are only a few of working ones on the market! To tell the truth, this cheat tool will give you advantage over your components so grab the chance and become the best! One thing is sure, this online tool gives you freedom and no gaming stress.

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These are the features currently available in our Subway Surfers Cheats Tool:

Unlimited Coins

With the help of this tool, you can get thousands of coins in a few minutes. Use this cheat tool and become a winner of this chasing game!

Unlimited Keys

Are you running out of Keys! Generate some!

Unlock All Characters

Would you like to use other Characters? The cheats allow you to unlock Characters like Fresh, Frizzy, Dino, King, Spike, Yutani and more!

Unlock All Boards

Would you like to try some of the most popular board?

No fees!

Using our cheats is totally free and we dont charge a penny.

Ads Free

No more annoying ads when playing.


The cheats are using special anti-ban script, which means using it is totally undetectable.

User Friendly Interference

Even a little child can use these cheats.
Subway Surfers Cheats proof

Why should you use this Online Generator?

Without doubts, as said before, using our cheats gives you complete freedom when playing and unleash more surprises in the game. This would be hardly possible without these cheats. The main object of it is to invest nothing in the game and still enjoy Subway Surfers to its fullest. Even without spending hundreds of money (like other people are doing) you will be still able to achieve the highest score. Don't wait anymore for the coins like a miser, generate thousands of them quickly. Then buy your favorite board you have always dream about and show your success to your friends! It is good to say, most of the best players are using these cheats which allow them break through the limited barriers. I am brave to declare, this is a needed arsenal for fans of this game. By not having it, you are missing the big potential of the game. The cheats are free from viruses so the online generator won't harm your account or mobile!

Should we really be using Subway Surfers Cheats?

The choice is of course totally up to you! However, by not using our cheats, you are missing a huge boost in the game, which good players are aware of. This will skyrocket your gaming abilities and the overall potential of the game. As said before, by generating resources with our cheat tool, your Subway Surfers account will stay untouched by developers and alive! The whole process of using our cheats is totally without any risks, we can guarantee you! To sum it up, by releasing our cheats to public we wanted to help desperated players struggling in the game to achieve success in a more quicker and easier way than normally. Hence we are not here to charge you anything or make money from you, so if you decide to not use our cheats, we completely understand your decision. However, it is at least to consider trying. So what is stopping you from trying out this fantastic game and its cheats? Download it right now if haven’t tried yet and get started on a remarkable mission with the add-ons that you get with the help of the Subway Surfer cheats available on this site. Stay connected for regular updates related to the game.

Well, but how exactly do I use this?

This is very easy and all can be done in 3 easy steps. Firstly you visit our page with online generator, which can be found on this site. After you click on the link, your browser will redirect you to the page with Subway Surfers cheats online generator, what is actually the place, where the all magic takes place. This generator page is using special scripts which will inject resources and other features into your Subway Surfers account - quickly, easily and safely! On the website, you enter the username where you want the generated coins and keys will appear. The second step is at least for me, the most favourite one, you select the number of coins and keys you wish to get. After selecting the resources, the last thing is to decide if you wish to unblock all boards or characters as well. Most people are using also these features, but if you would like to unblock them all by yourself, no problem. It is optional. After filling all tabs, you simply click "Generate",the script will starts and the selected stuffs will be added to your account in 1 minute. Then, just check the account and enjoy the resources! That's all, no more steps! Quite easy, what do you think?

A few more words about the Online Tool

If you are playing this fun running game, you will be able to win lots of coins by unlocking the characters such as Jake, Yutani, Tricky, Spike, Lucy, Prince K, Brody, Tasha, Fresh, Frizzy, Ninja, Dino, King, Tagbot and many more. The tool gives an opportunity to the players to surf as long as they wish. However, the game become hard after level 7-8 and it becomes troublesome to unlock characters after reaching a certain stage from which they can be a champion. This is when a our online tool comes into play; you can take use of a cheat code I provide here and I Even then, the game is built with the potential to generate as much as coins you desire enabling you to clear the level where you are stuck for long time. A beginner can become a champion player in a short time by playing this amazing game with the help of the cheats that are provided on this site. Subway Surfers Cheats let you lead on the Android operating system as the game continually expands its horizons to add countless and amazing features. You will explore an amazing fun by accessing unlimited coins, bonuses and mystery boxes that will provide you keys and other rewards. With Subway Surfers Cheats and techniques, one can bag unlimited coins and become the winner, unlike others who are unaware of such gimmicks. The latest hack tools have released the codes of unraveling the characters and entering new levels for free. With the unlimited coins you can unleash and explore the things that you haven’t yet explored inside the game. Furthermore, you can enhance your profile by achieving high scores with these hacks.